Project Description

Schuller Bari Kitchen

A Laminated vertical wood grain effect front. Available in 5 decors (Price Group 1)
Schuller Bari Kitchen Dumfries


It’s the small yet fine details that define the individual look of your kitchen.Make targeted statements with the matching sideboard, eye-catching recesses, selected colours or impressive lighting.

Satin lacquer fronts

This water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV drying meets environmental requirements as well as high resistance and esilience. Due to the slightly textured surface, he front is easy to clean. Satin lacquer is available in the Colour Concept.



K810 Castell beech imitation
Front combination: Laminate K810 Castell beech imitation and satin lacquer L365 Glacier blue satin.
System: 78 cm
Handle: 452
Worktop: K024 Concrete dark grey imitation
Picture details/Special features:
– Tall unit for bottle crates
– Handy unit with roller shutter
– C-MOVE for wall units

Available in these fronts

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